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I LOVE CRUSHENDO. . . It is a tricky business to concisely explain and teach such a vast amount of information and Crushendo does so in an entertaining, easy-to-listen-to way. Thank you for helping me get away from the computer screen and out into nature while studying! . . . Read more on Facebook.

K. Watkins, J. Reuben Clark Law School

The stuff it tells you sticks because it’s showering you in every memory trick (mnemonics, loci, funny) ever discovered in the last two thousand years. . . Read more on

A. Richardson, Smart Student Secrets
[V]ery straightforward. . . contains a thorough written outline. . .  This alone will probably be worth the purchase price for many people. Based on my review. . . , I’d say that it should work for anyone. . . Read more on

M. Racine, Bar Exam Mind

I started with the E&E audio and then tried this. So much better! Fun to listen to, easily digestible, and takes the pressure off of having to figure out how to memorize things. . . Read more on Facebook.

K. Ellis, J. Reuben Clark Law School

Why has this not already been a hugely popular thing for decades? . . . Instead of being glued to my laptop (as per my normal study routine), I was out for a walk, cleaning my house, and laying in bed, all while studying. . . Read more on LinkedIn.

S. Dansie, University of San Diego School of Law

I love the combination of the scripts and the audio. I was able to listen to the audio during my commute to work, and it was so helpful. I felt confident going into and coming out of the MPRE. . . Read more on Facebook.

A. Smith, J. Reuben Clark Law School

I have now confirmed that with just a day and a half of using Crushendo (and no other exam prep materials), I did indeed pass the MPRE with a healthy number of points to spare. And I did it with my eyes closed. Literally. . . Read more on LinkedIn.

S. Dansie, University of San Diego School of Law