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Jurisdiction, Venue

  • Subject matter jurisdiction
  • Personal jurisdiction
  • Service of process and notice
  • Venue, forum non conveniens, and transfer

Pretrial Procedures

  • Preliminary injunctions and temporary restraining orders
  • Pleadings
  • Rule 11 Sanctions
  • Joinder
  • Discovery
  • Pretrial conference and order


  • General motion requirements
  • Pretrial motions
  • Post-trial motions

Laws Applied

  • State law in federal court
  • Federal common law

Jury Trials

  • Right to jury trial
  • Selection and composition of juries
  • Requests for and objections to jury instructions

Verdicts and Judgments

  • Defaults and dismissals
  • Jury verdicts
  • Judicial findings and conclusions
  • Effect of Judgments

Appealability, Review

  • Final judgment rule
  • Interlocutory review
  • Standards of review

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