You get awesome and affordable conflict of laws written and audio outlines and flashcards (yes, audio flashcards).

General Principles

  • Domicile


  • Types of personal jurisdiction
  • Notice and opportunity to be heard
  • Other jurisdictional limits

Choice of Law

  • Basic concepts
  • Choice-of-law theories
  • Most significant interests test
  • Governmental interest analysis
  • Traditional approach
  • Defenses against application of foreign law
  • Constitutional limitations
  • Federal-state conflicts

Recognition and Enforcement

  • Full faith and credit
  • Claim and issue preclusion
  • Defenses to recognition or enforcement
  • Family law judgments

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Audio and written outlines

  • Proprietary mnemonics or mnemonic devices—memory hacks.
  • Leverages the ancient but effective “method of loci”—a.k.a, memory palaces or memory journeys.
  • Memorable and engaging illustrations.
  • Downloadable audio—take your test prep to the beach or mountaintop.

Audio and visual flashcards

  • Visual conflict of laws flashcards, loaded with imagery. Easy-to-use and ideal for on-the-go review.
  • Quiz-mode MP3s (audio flashcards) that drill you on key memory hooks—the perfect pre-exam refresher.

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