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Intestate succession

  • Share of surviving spouse
  • Share of children and others
  • Share of ancestors and collaterals
  • Advancements
  • Simultaneous death


  • Execution requirements
  • Integration
  • Incorporation
  • Facts of independent significance
  • Codicils
  • Revocation
  • Revival
  • Contractual wills
  • Construction problems
  • Will contests
  • Nonprobate Transfers
  • Powers and duties of personal representative

Family protection

  • Omitted spouse
  • Elective share
  • Pretermitted children

Living wills, durable health care powers

  • Execution requirements
  • Revocation
  • Authority of agent


  • Classification
  • Creation
  • Types of trusts
  • Alienability of interests
  • Protective trusts
  • Trustee powers and duties

Future interests

  • Common types of interests
  • Appointment powers
  • Acceleration of future interests
  • Rule Against Perpetuities (RAP)

Construction Problems

  • Children and issue
  • Death without issue
  • Survivorship problems
  • Gifts to classes
  • Worthier Title
  • Gifts by implication

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